Top speaking topics

1. Invest in Health Equity and Inclusion to Deliver the Future of Health Innovation

Program summary: VC investment in inclusive health innovation leverages public health strengths (integrated, systems-level approaches based on evidence) and the strengths of technology (capacity to deliver integration and scalability) to support the health of the 5% of medically vulnerable populations that contribute to over 50% of healthcare costs and eliminate over $300 billion in healthcare costs due to health disparities. Participants will learn about key trends that make health equity the largest competitive advantage in healthcare innovation. They will also learn about venture-backable companies and opportunities within inclusive health innovation that advance health equity.

Target audience: CIOs, CMOs, innovation strategy team, physician leaders, administrations, community benefit, consumer engagement departments and other executive innovators at large payers and health systems

2. The Science of Managing Yourself: Self-care, Productivity and Habit Formation

Program summary: This keynote and its corresponding workshop share the lessons learned from my experience of entrepreneurial burnout to allow the audience to examine their current habits and how they shape their mindset for success in their business and fulfillment in their lives. In particular, the audience will learn how they can use behavioral science to troubleshoot barriers to healthy habit formation, identify healthy alternatives to negative practices, implement positive habits that foster a better work-life balance, and build a plan for accountability and maintenance. Rather than relying on motivation alone, habit formation allows people to do self care consistently over time so they can make better decisions, manage their time and energy, and grow their careers and businesses strategically to optimize their health and financial wellbeing.

Target audience: Employee resource groups, emerging female and POC leaders in tech, new female and POC founders (less than two years)

3. The Side Hustle Approach to Building Your Life and Career

Program summary: This talk shares my personal account of my path to building my career and transition to entrepreneurship through building side ventures or side hustles. I share how my mindset shifted through action and experimentation as well as the significant benefits of launching a side hustle outside of generating more income. Specifically, the audience will learn which potential benefits inspire entrepreneurial motivation and activity and what essential steps they need to take to launch a healthy side hustle or entrepreneurial venture.

Target audience: Employee resource groups, emerging female and POC leaders in tech (manager-level or mid-career), new female and POC entrepreneurs (less than 1 year in business), graduate school students in health-focused programs 


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