Healthy Hustle Habits

Coaching for idea-stage female founders and women leaders in healthcare

1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

I coach entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, adapting behavioral science and innovation methodologies so they can:

  • Assess and maximize strengths
  • Identify, address and overcome negative habits that are road blocks to wellbeing and productivity
  • Understand drivers that contribute to periods of peak productivity and focus for you
  • Learn self-coaching techniques to shift negative habits and build positive habits to be more effective and productive
  • Learn how to apply prototyping techniques to develop new skills quickly and effectively
  • Identify and address factors that limit optimal performance
Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

I lead corporate and private workshops to train employees in techniques based on behavioral science that improve their performance, optimize their strengths, acquire new skills, and improve their wellbeing.